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The best——er, nerdiest——crossword puzzle podcast in the whole wide cruciuniverse.


Sep 2, 2020

Welcome to Crossbirds! We've ALIT beside Sid Sivakumar (@sid_sivakumar) who, in just the last three months, made his debut (6/22), dibut (8/8), and tribut (9/3) in the New York Times; celebrated the yearniversary of his indie crossword blog, Sid's Grids; and contributed puzzles to several charity packs and to xword...

Aug 11, 2020

What's it like to write a crossword puzzle for the New York Times, and why does it matter? Co-constructors of Saturday's puzzle and frequent collaborators (and FRIENDS) Brooke Husic and Sid Sivakumar spill the crossbeans on:

  • Authorship in crosswords
  • The editorial process at the NYT
  • The joy of synchronized puzzling
  • Plus...

Jul 3, 2020

2 many DEBUT!!!!s 2 count in our first-ever two-part episode, which features our first-ever female guest (Brooke Husic) and is accompanied by Rebecca's first-ever crossword puzzle (available here)!! Did we mention: !!!!!!!?!?!

Since solving her first New York Times just six months ago, Brooke's taken Crossworld by...

Jun 21, 2020

For the 45-year-old kid in all of us, Pro puzzler Eric Berlin (@puzzleeric) joins for a FAB! NEW! EP! of


Eric shares his earliest memories of mysteries, the joy of word games, the pleasure of co-solving, and a list of his favorite outlets and constructors.

Word-upped in this...

Jan 5, 2020

Come, all ye bell polishers, ye crepe hangers, ye highjohns, ye janes: ring in the New Year with a special dingle dangle to Chris King (@ckingsc)! Gather round yer device of choice and hear tell of thoughtful crossword construction, the best online and indie puzzles, the boon of cluing cities, and the bane of adjectives...